My world of nikkor , PAINT & honest words

Moments , People & Places captured

My world of nikkor , PAINT & honest words

Moments , People & Places captured

My Travel logs

"Work, Save, Travel, Repeat!"

That's my motto in life.
Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing new places, meeting new people, coming across different cultures and having the taste of their cuisine. This is my little shelf in the big wardrobe called "Life" which I treasure the most!


My first Terrarium


I'm a sucker for succulents ;-)

that sure sounded stupid but jokes apart I finally tried my hands at creating a terrarium with succulents in a glass bowl.. love it how it adds up the beauty in a corner of the table. 

Toodle - Doodle :)


On a lazy Sunday, when all your roomates have gone for outing and you choose to stay at home , what do you do when your mind clutters with endless thoughts??Simple.

Sketch 'em down.. every single shit that goes on in there and every thing that still makes you believe you are still in the game!

Is your liquor bottle empty?

I love painting on any and every canvas. One fine afternoon when I spotted an empty whisky bottle I

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Bottle Art Obsession continued :-D


The word spread that "Riya's a good bottle painter" that made me happy and my friends kept giving me empty yet fancy rum botles & wine bottles that I would paint and they used as home decor.. here's a pic of a pretty corner in my home of few of the many bottles I painted and managed to keep with me :)

Quilling and more..


Quilling is an art that requires patience but the end result is so pretty.. Here's a small Pringle's can turned to a pen stand out of quilled paper strips <3



This is an old pencil sketch that I had done way back in 2011 , during my hostel days.. for some reason, I always had a liking for sharp jawlines and thick brows.. so I sketched a girl with similar intense and sharp looks.

fashion & Makeup

Team 'em up!


When in doubt to wear something classy yet not let go of the comfort statement, team up a pair of Jeans with a super chic jacket and don't forget the heels on ;)

7 yards of sheer Grace


Being a Bengali I have always worn saree in every other occasion. I believe nothing can be more elegant and sexier than a girl draped in saree. There's a saree is for every mood & all occassion 

Quirk it up!

Funk up a mundane day with a quirky statement skirt .. To strike just the right balance and not go O

Funk up your look with a quirky skirt to keep the boredom at bay :)
To avoid going OTT, team it up with a monochrome top and put on a pair of sneakers to finish the look!

Bindi completes the look


Unless I am going for a party, I love to keep it as light on the skin as much as I can, prep up with a medium coverage cc cream (if its daytime mix sunscreen to it) add some kohl to the eyes , tinted lips & a bindi to give the look an edge **

Tropical L<3ve


I love easy-breezy long flowy dresses as resort wear. As feminine as they make you feel with never compromising the most important element of style - Comfort

Less is always more!


At work, I love to keep it as minimum to keep the focus actually at work B-)
Just the right amount of base, rose tinted lips and mascara..
I always believe one should always dress as per the place and occasion.. so I totally live by it every time I deck myself up.

My Blogs

My Tools

Where it all started from..

My tools.. my Precious!!

The very first camera I had was a Vivitar that I played with and learnt how to frame what I would love to capture. Everything I see inspires me.. right from the vibrant new colours and also the rugged old stuffs . I have photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments across the many places I have travelled in the world. I believe there's a picture around every corner & every picture has a story of its own..!

I love the Ocean


With every waves that touch the shore , I see a ray of hope .. and I believe the waves never take anything away from us.. it takes it for a while and returns it back to us.. Even though we miss certain things, it's the ocean that teaches us patience and to believe to hold on that what was once taken shall be returned either the way it was, or a form unknown..!

And the Greens


I love the Greens.. in the mountains or in the farms.. or the huge meadows where the cattle graze. Green symbolizes life.. no gift  in Life is greater than Life itself!

About ME


Who & What I am?

I am an Engineer by profession working for a German multinational, based out of Bangalore.
However, I have always had an inclination towards things that touches the heart more than those that makes much sense .
The sense of aesthetics has been there with me ever since I realised , every object, or place or even a corner has a tale of its own and thus developed my love for photography to capture moments , places or things so that if I ever I longed for those, all I would need to do is look at it feel for once it was all there.. I was there.. things were perfect <3

What I aspire to be?

I want to travel the world, see different places, eat different foods, live differently lives.. With every place new place I visit, I feel richer.. Travel to me is therapy!
I want to reach out to all those who share the same dream as mine, make a world of our own, share our stories, know people by the food they love , the mountains they climbed , the craziest adventure they had.. a world that's truly madly absolutely magical!

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